Davanzati Palace

The palace of the Davizzi and Davanzati families is the forerunner of the renaissance palaces that characterize the city: it lies between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and gives a unique insight into what life was like in a wealthy merchant family in the late 14th century's.

The armory, the frescoes, the ancient furniture make you walk through time. Very suitable for kids too!


About 1 h


80€     1-2 people

110€     3 to 6 people

140€     7 to 10 people *

*note that starting from 7 people up a personal headset is mandatory to tour the museum and will be provided for free.

+ 9€ per person (Museum Ticket)

+ 9€ per person (Museum Ticket)

+ 9€ per person (Museum Ticket)

Additional Infos

The Davanzati Palace is closed on weekday afternoons.

It's a very quiet place away from the crowds.

Book here:

Please specify that you are booking a Davanzati Palace Tour and if some of the participants are under 18 years old (free ticket and discount on the tour):

Tel: +39 331 46 56 368


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