Bardini Museum

In this palace the 19th century art dealer Stefano Bardini would invite his rich american and english clients and sell them whole rooms full of antique art and furniture. The best bits he kept for himself and gifted the city of Florence with this fantastic collection. Amongst others we find pieces by Bernardo Daddi, Donatello, Andrea della Robbia, Giambologna and Pietro Tacca.


About 1 h


80€     1-2 people

110€     3 to 6 people

140€     7 to 10 people *

*note that starting from 7 people up a personal headset is mandatory to tour the museum and will be provided for free.

+ 7€ per person (Museum Ticket)

+ 7€ per person (Museum Ticket)

+ 7€ per person (Museum Ticket)

Additional Infos

The Bardini Museum is only open Friday to Monday.

It's a very quiet place, definitely off the beaten path.

Book here:

Please specify that you are booking a Bardini Museum Tour and if some of the participants are under 18 years old (reduced ticket and discount on the tour):

Tel: +39 331 46 56 368


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